About TamoStudy

TamoStudy is a free, open source productivity work and study timer that implements a fun, virtual pet to help you stay driven to focus!
This project started as a simple project I started while in college to help myself stay focused when I was studying.
As of 2024, this project is currently not being actively worked on anymore and remains as an archive on GitHub.


TamoStudy Specifics / FAQ

How does my Tamo earn hunger/happiness? By doing focus sessions, your Tamo will increase in happiness and by purchasing food in the food shop, your Tamo's hunger will increase.

How do I earn Tamo Tokens? Tamo Tokens are earned by completing focus sessions. For every 72 seconds focused, 1 Tamo Token is earned. This is equivalent to every 1 hour focused, 50 Tamo Tokens are earned.

How do I save my profile? Your profile is automatically saved upon creation and entering different interfaces.

How can I support TamoStudy? You can support by leaving a Star on the GitHub Repository, and also subscribe on Patreon!

Will my Tamo lose happiness/hunger/pass? Yes, the number of days between your focus/study periods impacts the amount.